With our  expertise, we are committed to deliver quality end Industrial Process equipment. The high Quality Standards are maintained right from the procurement of raw material, to Manufacturing process until the final delivery of consignment.. We have both in-house testing facilities and can arrange external sources for quality testing as per the clients requirements. Some of the quality test includes

  • Team of qualified engineers for Quality Control
  • All Machineries, equipments, measuring tools and instruments are regularly calibrated by reputed agencies
  1. Radiography – We arrange by external sources as per client requirement
  2. Stress Relieving – Arrange by external sources
  3. Ultra sonic testing – Arrange by external sources
  4. Hydro & Pneumatic Testing – In House facilities
  5. Dye penetrate testing – In house facilities
  • Inspection under various third party inspection agencies like LRIS, EIL, BV. etc


Internal Inspection Producer Of Vessels & Tanks at Different Stages

1. Material Identification.
2. Material Stamping (co-relation with TC or Check testing).
3. ‘L’ Seam set up after rolling (checking ovality, circumference, length, ’v’ angle & also check by D/4 template).
4. ‘L’  Seam back chip & DP Test.
5. Nozzle set up on dish end /cover, bottom. (orientation, elevation & ‘v’ angle check).
6. Back chip & DP of nozzles.
7. ‘C’ seam set up. (‘V’ angle, orientation, mismatch & straightness check).
8. ‘C’ seam back chip and DP.
9. Nozzle set up on shell. (elevation , orientation ,squareness check).
10. Nozzle back chip and DP on shell.
11. Final dimension check.
12. Finishing check.
13. Hydro test check.